Part 2 of Online makeover of

Once mindset and website were in place, next step was get it to top in Google.

First step in the process to get noticed and get on top quickly is Google Ads, as to get to top organically, it takes (for competitive keywords) around 4–6 months.


I will not get into detail how you identify keywords and setup google ads. Google does provide you tool to find right keywords and let you define any budget. We picked budget (we started with as little as 5K/month — with decent results), Identified keywords and went rolling…

Calls from Google ads started coming right away as we went LIVE, but remember here, good website helped us, it added that credibility. I mean Jagat Travels was in business for very long with history of excellent customer service, we used those customer reviews on website. Once user was on the website, they knew we were genuine car rental company and those visits converted to calls and calls converted to business.


Google and user loves new content. You need to ensure you put up your products (in our case it was cars, tempo travellers) best pictures, post regular updates (which are helpful to customer) and finally get reviews from your customers.

Hardest part here is to get customer reviews. Customers typically will give you reviews if they angry. Even if they were happy with your service you will have to follow up with continuously to get them write to review . We asked all our pilots to get customer reviews before they leave (out of sight, out of mind), as moment to step out and get back to their routines, chances to get reviews from them are slim.

In month of June 2021, website received 23K visits which is incredible considering we had lockdowns and travel industry was the worst hit.


Ghalib who is our in-house SEO expert, worked with me over keywords analysis, content editing and applied all the techniques. Again not going into the detail the SEO techniques employed but i highly recommend hiring SEO professional for the job.

We were on the first page for most of 12 keywords we identified like ‘car rental jammu’ — we on top for both in business listing results and search results. Only the bigger names like expedia, justdial, zoom car etc were ahead of us (they have huge amount of content).

All the steps i mentioned here require you work continuously, keep improving on this, keep thinking and innovating. Apply KAIZEN :)

So yeah, that’s it. These following these SIMPLE steps, i was able to help Jagat Travels go from ZERO to Rs 10 Lac in online sales.